I was very pleased to have hubby hold the stiff pillow so that I could do my workout, normally I do a full series of three reps of a combo of things and it leaves me breath coming in and out, muscles telling me that I did enough

But NO! I decide that I am going to do five full sets.. set four and I needed to breathe afterwards and I decided I would be stubborn and finish, lungs and legs burning I did finish..

and then had a asthma attach.. NO air.. my lungs went! bad girl and no air to talk, struggle to breath and normally I can get it under control in a few min, but it was close last night, I was a hairs breath from writing.. hubby hospital, and clearly I need to get a new inhaler for just in case..

but between with a combo of breathing, Mint EO’s and a steamer with a antihistamine (fast acting) and in about 45 min, I was able to breath and speak normally again..

I know that I want to add in more workouts, both cardo and weights to increase my weight loss and get stronger.. but clearly not to the point that you lose your air! Air is kinda important.. bloody hell.. not being able to breath in and out is scary!

today, I am so stiff and sore.. lots and lots of stretching and my lungs are tight, with a pressure on them.. still I think I will take a walk at some point.. I will go much slower today but I am going to do something that gets my body moving!

A good reminder to me.. don’t push it to hard or I will pay for it! Thank goodness for sore muscle salves!

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