Meet Mr. Bojangles.


He is a 9 year old broke to ride perch draft cross gelding that has joined our farm.

dscn0723He did very well considering my big draft tack does not fit him well at all, I will need to buy all new tack in warmblood size for bridle and such and a different saddle for his shorter back and maybe a different saddle blanket, my big long draft saddles are to long.. but next time we can try for a short training ride with it up higher in placement, or I will see if I can borrow a 16 regular horse saddle till I get my own in place.


None the less, our first ride went well, he rode out alone, I ponied for a bit and then Jason rode him freely. It was not a long ride but we rode on and off property. a bit more training and tack fitting and I look forward to our first two horse ride off farm with Caleb


Snow Arrived.. Family Time..

Today is the kind of day that has just been to steady in many ways to get off the farm and take a hike, chores and house and more.. but the joy of the farm is you can take a walk without needing to go off the farm..

If we had kiddo’s, it would be a snow day and I am sure that there would be snowmen and sledding going on! and Snow angels and such..


Halo is still very much a on-leash girl when it comes to any! kind of off farm trips.. she is barely a off-leash girl in the front yard but the joy of the small pasture is that its sheep fenced and she can run freely and just be one of the pack..


What I didn’t count on what half the pack, the bot and Marie would not be willing to walk with me or hang with J, instead they ran back and forth, back and forth, till finally hubby caved and came for the walk with us.. but he was not the only one..


Caleb came on the trot from the big pasture and heeled at my shoulder for the whole walk at liberty.. silly awesome boy.. he was so happy to have the company, and so kind to the hounds running around and being just silly around him.. he was so careful!


It was truly awesome, Husband, Horse and Hounds, I am so very blessed instead!