Freeze your buns!

Oh.. this is a classy look! Right.. I am so frick’in cute.. lol


Its 9c in the house today, and 2c outside with a bitter cold damp wind..  I have one winter hot socks, wind proof fall pants, three layers on the top. plus the hat and the scarf and then I said! ENOUGH! and on oct 27th, I took out my smallest room heaters with a fan and plugged that sucker in and turned it on.. it will heat my own personal sit down area and then add just a touch of warmth to the rest of the house as it spreads out..

Ha! I have already been able to lose the hat and scarf.. and my hands are no longer ice cold.. Not bad, I normally try to keep the heat off still Nov 1st.. close but Fail for this year.. so be it..

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