Being Brave.. no cropping..

We had a great time out, and I am layered up.. two layers on the bottom, four or five layers on top.. none the less I realized that I crop photos to flatter and to hide..

So this is me being very brave.. no cropping.. full body shots..






You know that crazy cat lady..

Ya, that was me LOL..  I mean folks think I have a lot of cats now.. but its just not true.. I currently have 14 cats on the farm.. and I am always surprised when folks go.. you have how many.. Its trained me over the years to say things like.. ya, I know, I have a lot of cats, or my favorite.. the purrpot pride..   It does seem like that many until they are all filling up a table sleeping on it or getting excited about a food treat.. Most of the year, you never know how many will be in the house or out of the house at any one time.

As you can see they don’t get along at all.. the big black stray (that is now a fixed fully up to date purring boy that is the best with visiting kiddo’s) the new kittens of the purrpride of 2016, the old kitties, including the fragile old one 15 plus.. I lost my oldest kitty’s this year, with oldest being 19 approx. (she was a rescue so give or take a yearish)


And not all of them are even my farm cats.. some of those are come and go outdoor true farm cats that make the rounds from farm to farm..


Faith above has the looks, but not the temperament, she would hate the traveling, she likes to cuddle but is a four on the floor girl, the movement and picking up with put her in a non-cuddle mood..   Thankfully here at home, she is allow to just be her pretty self with all her purr-quirks..

Back in the day, I even showed cats both in Canada, and the States, While most of my winning cats have since passed away with age.. I still have a few Champions and even my amazing Grand Champion alter boy with me at the age of 12 this year..


But in no way was a kitty snob.. my most winning kitty was a rescue kitty. The amazing Munchkin.. she loved to show.. she adored the new people, the judges and the toys and games.. she was a purr machine! I have a few kitties in the house right now that I often think, if I wanted to show household, they would totally rock it!


This is one of them, he is stunning, laid back and floppy to within a inch of his life.. he is huge, and sweet as they come.. he would be a great household show kitty!


Then there is blue.. he would rock the show ring but in a totally different way then Patrick, he would be the crazy cat spinning in circles that would have the crowds laughing out loud and that the judges would need the toy to keep his chompers busy while they petted him! LOL but he has the stuff! and he knows it!


Then there is my last purrpride member of 2016 Marble.. she is very much a house kitty, she would rather use the litterbox then get her paws wet or dirty, she is friendly.. (just to us, otherwise is a little wee ghost cat when anyone else is around) but in truth she is a hound-cat.. She maybe the tiny wee girl but she takes no flake from the bigger boy kittens! Girl Power!


But they all get along.. my kitties are raised with the hounds, and the hounds are raised with the purr-gang..  I expect that soon enough over the next year to two, that we will be down to 12 cats on the farm..  I am ok with that..   it just means more time and love for those that are with us.. gives my older middle age kitties more time and lets my teen-kittens grow into themselves and thrive..

I  had a dream as a young girl that some day I would own and show a cat.. it was a great bucket list dream and it took me a number of years to learn to groom, to get the right kitty that loves doing it but I have the trunks full of ribbons to prove that I was successful at crossing it off my bucket list!



I rarely if ever take photos of the hounds in regard to the farm blog.. but that’s not going to be the case here.. so meet my youngest pack membet Dez aka DezBot or the Bot


She is a hoot.. still very much a pup.. but as spunky as they come..


This was us out on a mushroom, wood hike..

She is a very good sport about dressing up and getting her photo taken 🙂



sometimes its just for fun, and sometimes its more classy..


o ya and she was a hate for all crock shoes.. they must be destroyed!



Really.. ok then.. Tweet passed on..

When it comes to blogging about things, you are often aware that “how you write something” tends to effect how people will read it..

Let me give you a example..

I am sorry to announce that my lovely little budgie Tweet has crossed over today..


Dang it.. what the heck happened, found Tweet in his cage and he was gone.. stood there and just stared.. and tears came to my eyes and I thought.. what happened, what did I do wrong.. did I do something wrong.. and then I say out loud, water, food, wait, I got a new food a few weeks ago.. could the new winter blend with the extra vit an minerals have something wrong with it, I put the vit drops in the water weekly, yup, they have their grit, and their beak thing..  well, why the heck did he die then..  O no, if I can not figure it out, will I lose twitter too?

Pick up the bird, look bird, feel birds tummy, and body for lumps, maybe he had something I missed.. nope.. sigh deeply and then move the top of the cage off, clean out the paper and over spill, scrub the cage to within a inch of its life, dry it out.. fill everything up and tell the remaining budgie to live!

Now both of the above are true and both are real, the first is what I would put on the twitter account, it would be the announcement on facebook or the farm page.. but the second is just as real, just as true..  I did all the things I wrote and I did then because it was what I felt in the moment, not because days later I would write about it.. in fact, a couple days ago, I had not even really decided that this blog would be here.. or that I might be brave enough to share so freely..

I have no idea why tweet died.. I miss his voice in the house.. they were such chatter box’s back and forth and the best of friends, I know that Twitter will need time to adjust.. just as I will..

What I do know is that it feels safer to write the first one, then the second does.. and that is worth thinking about.. o yes it is..

Give your pets regardless of make or model a extra pet or cuddle or treat, cause you just never know what the day will bring!




Freeze your buns!

Oh.. this is a classy look! Right.. I am so frick’in cute.. lol


Its 9c in the house today, and 2c outside with a bitter cold damp wind..  I have one winter hot socks, wind proof fall pants, three layers on the top. plus the hat and the scarf and then I said! ENOUGH! and on oct 27th, I took out my smallest room heaters with a fan and plugged that sucker in and turned it on.. it will heat my own personal sit down area and then add just a touch of warmth to the rest of the house as it spreads out..

Ha! I have already been able to lose the hat and scarf.. and my hands are no longer ice cold.. Not bad, I normally try to keep the heat off still Nov 1st.. close but Fail for this year.. so be it..


I was very pleased to have hubby hold the stiff pillow so that I could do my workout, normally I do a full series of three reps of a combo of things and it leaves me breath coming in and out, muscles telling me that I did enough

But NO! I decide that I am going to do five full sets.. set four and I needed to breathe afterwards and I decided I would be stubborn and finish, lungs and legs burning I did finish..

and then had a asthma attach.. NO air.. my lungs went! bad girl and no air to talk, struggle to breath and normally I can get it under control in a few min, but it was close last night, I was a hairs breath from writing.. hubby hospital, and clearly I need to get a new inhaler for just in case..

but between with a combo of breathing, Mint EO’s and a steamer with a antihistamine (fast acting) and in about 45 min, I was able to breath and speak normally again..

I know that I want to add in more workouts, both cardo and weights to increase my weight loss and get stronger.. but clearly not to the point that you lose your air! Air is kinda important.. bloody hell.. not being able to breath in and out is scary!

today, I am so stiff and sore.. lots and lots of stretching and my lungs are tight, with a pressure on them.. still I think I will take a walk at some point.. I will go much slower today but I am going to do something that gets my body moving!

A good reminder to me.. don’t push it to hard or I will pay for it! Thank goodness for sore muscle salves!

Phone Calls..

Sometimes phone calls  bring good news, and sometimes they bring bad news and sometimes they lead to tears or raised voices or hushed soft speaking..

I was dreading this call.. it needed to happen, I knew that.. its been coming.. but I still didn’t want to have it.. but I was the one that booked the call, I wanted to be told I was wrong, I wanted to be told that there was one more thing I could do.. one more trick yet..

I knew it was not likely but I had to at least try.. when the phone rang, it was my large animal vet, and the topic was my mare.. Brandy has a genetic disease in both front feet, this was a issue I had not dealt with and I will be honest, I thought, bla.. we can deal with it, I am home on the farm, I am willing to go the extra mile, I have a great vet, I have enough extra income, I am willing to put more funds monthly into treatments and I have a great ferrier and so forth..

All of it counts, of course it counts.. that’s why my big girl has been pasture puff (aka, not ridden other then as a lead line for smaller kids on flat ground at a slow walk) for over a year now.. Last winter was brutal!  I knew by late last winter that this was coming but I was still fighting it like a fish on a line.. flipping and flopping.. NO, no…Noooooooo!

Then spring and summer came and she loved the sun, the better weather, the dry summer was a blessing to her and I wanted that extra time.. fall arrived, the rains arrived and I knew, I knew that I needed have that phone call, that talk.. that conformation from my vet, that I what I knew in head and was still processing in heart has to happen..

We had the “talk” and we both agreed that its time..  My Girl was my 40th birthday present from my husband.. when she arrived home, I never dreamed that I Would need to have this call and that talk on my 44th year..


I am trying to be grateful for having those 4 plus years with her, I really am, but to tell the truth I am just sad.. sad that I can’t fix it, sad that she can’t outgrow it, sad that there is no medication that can manage it.. just sad that soon enough.. she will no longer be part of my day in so SO MANY little ways..





This big guy is Caleb, he is my truly amazing gelding.. he is shared as a riding horse with my hubby. He also gives lead line pony rides for the kids that come visit the farm!


Now I have done some bucket list things with this big guy! Including to date..



Swimming on horseback


My first weekend Clinic


My first pink cancer ride


My first 8 mile trail ride with him

So its a new coming year.. he is ready, willing and in perfect health so I am hoping to get a lot more time in the saddle and ground work done in the coming year..

I want to do a lot more cowboy training and ideally get to one event in 2017 in this regards!



Bucket List Birthday Day

So my birthday was awesome, fab day on the farm, hubby picked up dinner an dessert and dear friends that are like family has us over.. now when it comes to drinking, I am light weight, two an I am giggly an I rarely go more.. but I was teased and asked into shots, and then someone who will not be named gave me a shot glass that was a double..

Needless to say, four doubles in a very short time, throw in the  hot tub and we can cross of the maybe once a year.. “hello” I am beyond just happy and crossing the line into, I love you, hugs and you are the best..

O ya, I crossed into the tell the story telling stage even if a few times the words came out wrong lol..

Crossed off the 2017 bucket list… Get Silly Drunk! Yup.. done an done!


44.. wait.. what.. I turned 33 right.. ah.. right?!

What the heck happened? How am I this old LOL

My mother says I am having a itty bitty mid-life ekkk moment..

and that I need to work it though..

I say.. I need to add a ton of more fun to world.. (which is not as easy as it sounds because I already do lots)

So Seems to me what I need is a kick-ass bucket list… and that is what this blog will be about.. its going to get personal at times, its going to get messy, its going to go all over the place.. and its going to have tons of photos!

Join me here if you want.. or not.. its all good..  but if you do stick around.. welcome!

So this is me.. Hubby and I had hiked into a local silver mine this spring..


And this is my best friend, my go to guy and my husband..


Don’t let his grrr face fool ya, behind that normal look on his face is a gent with a sharp sense of humor.. but truly he is a getter done, take no shit kinda guy with a heart of gold!


So yup, that’s the main players, the cast I will introduce soon..