My hubby..

I  have been with Dear Hubby coming on 18 years now.. 17 in legal marriage but for me, I will count the year before as well.  That means that I have been in a relationship for more years then I was single

When I was single, I was very determined that I would not settle.. O don’t get me wrong, I kiss a few princes (that were not meant for me, but they were great guys, and they have made their wifes very happy women) a few frogs.. (they might or might not have grown up, I don’t know, I moved on) and a few “what was I thinking”  all I can say about that, is they all gave lessons and I learned them the first time LOL

I remember thinking, I want a partner and I want to always remember that I can do it myself if I need too.. I was right of course, I prefer to be with a mate, and I very much remember that I am me, that I can do it all, and that while I love having someone who has my back (as I have his) I am still lead in my life.

Someone said something a few months back to me.. something along the lines of, don’t you need to talk to DH and get permission..  my girlfriend who was with me laughed.. and winked at me..   I said.. NO, I can and will make that choice on my own thanks..

Now you see what I didn’t feel the need to say is that life and time and many talk had already sorted that kind of thing out.. what I do or don’t need to talk to my man about..

I started this post on the farm blog and it just went so its been moved over to the bucket list..

This morning is the women’s march on the hill in Ottawa, I have friend’s locally that will be loading on bus’s and will be heading down to join in and make sure our voices are heard..

A) you could not more get me to that kind of crowd these days then fly to the moon..

But I do support them, I made the calls, I wrote the letters and I will do my follow up.. I always surprise people that I am as active as I am.. they think because I am a stay at home, because I am on the farm that I am somehow.. less then someone who brings in a full-time job or full time pay check..

I get the “so how many children do you have if you stay home” and I get the look of.. what when I say, the PC. we don’t have childen, or the non PC, lets make everyone feel uncomfortable.. we had a lovely son and daughter, Maeve and Nat and they died as babies..

The best one is the when they look at my man and say something along the lines of “you should make her go to work man”

Shakes head..  So this morning I woke up with a cold, not the start of a cold.. nope this sucka is now a full blown cold, I went to bed with peppermint on my feet in socks, ei’s in the steamer, and hankies and cough candies by the bed, it was a poor sleep and then some..  I was awake when my man got up, he is just on the tale end of his cold..

and in my head I thought.  I need to get up, I need to do chores, I need to put out hay and check critters and I should get something to eat and drink.. as I went to bed early..

and then my hubby said.. what do you want to drink or eat this morning, I will catch the second bus, I am heading out to do your chores so you can rest this morning..  I got hot high bush cranberry tea, toast with butter and my orange marmalade, a few fresh oranges put by the bed, dogs and kitties feed, watered, run and the outside morning chores all done..

I am truly blessed..  Blessed to be a stubborn woman, I could do it, I could have gotten up and made it happen, but instead I have made my marriage work.. and if anyone thinks its luck or just meant to be.. ha.. being best friends is work, being lovers is work, being married is work, its worth it, its SO! worth it.. but its work.. you need to be there, you need to put in the hours, you need to find a balance between giving and receiving and so much more..

So I will not say, I am lucky, I will not say, I deserve it, I will not say I have earned it..

I will instead say.. I am blessed.. Blessed that I have a man that likes me, respects me and who is ok when I am strong, when I am in leadership mode, when I do my own thing, when I have my own friendships.. and who in the end knows that love him all the more for it..

Thanks babe for having my back.. thanks for letting me sleep in, thanks for doing chores and for being there for me.. Grateful! for the miles behind us.. they are our foundation and looking forward to the miles in front of us hon..




Bus Fire

There is nothing quite like waking up to a note from your husband that says, tire blew on my bus and started wheel fire..

Now, my sleepy head went.. our vehicle and then registered Bus.. ok then..

See this seemed small.. had to get off bus.. wait for new bus..

Then this came in..



That would be the very poor photos taken by my hubby from a safe distance as his double decker bus, went very quickly from a wheel issue to a fully burning bus!

Now, you can imagine when this better photo came on the news (Credit CBC Ottawa) that as the wife of the man who along with all the people on his bus route that got off safely! might have had a moment of .. O MY! That is scary!

I think the thing gets me really, is that it happened so fast.. I mean they went from tire blown to fire to everybody off (thank goodnesss that it happened early in the bus pickups, because if it had been a full bus,  instead of a half empty bus, it might not have been so easy to get everyone off in time) to bus on fire!

Yup.. I am just a little wigged.. and I am ok with that.. and now on with our day.. hopefully, knock on wood, it will be more normal for the rest of it..