I Yield I Yield LOL

Ok, its just going on record that we are going to be “in just in time mode” on most things this year.

Let me give a example.. we have pulled at least a hundred or two wild parsnips but then we needed to focus on this or that.. and suddenly this week, we are like.. yike’s those big two years suckers are going to start flowering.. and from flowering they will be making seeds..

Those Rat Ba$Q&&%D’s have got to come out.. a sudden blistz and we have been moving though the forest, the yard and so forth, about 300 of those Bleep-Bleep got taken out today, including from the ditch lines to keep them from seeding into the farm.

While I know that the numbers are going down, its just a never ending battle on this plant on the farm, better that we need to take out hundreds instead of dealing with thousands of them like some of the folks around us..

We had cleaned out the raspberry patch and pruned it, cleaned it up and said, we would get back for the pathways and to remove the young babies..

But then then came strawberries and rhubarb, and while those patches all got cleaned three times and picked and prepped.. my raspberries look amazing.. I have never seen as good of pre-berry patch all the years on the farm but we won’t be reaching them till we move the now much bigger first year canes and the four feet high nettle growing up the path.. The canes will be trimmed and moved, the nettle will be cut and hung to dry enough that it will then go to livestock but I wish I just had a pathway into the raspberry patch.. but NOPE…

So hubby says, the gooseberries are ready.. awesome.. he cleaned up any wild parsnip year old babies from that area, and the gooseberries are huge! some of them are the size of the large marbles..

BUT I looked at hubby over my canning and said.. we will harvest, then pull everything back, work around them, clean the area, and then feed them out, and they are going on the pruning list, as well as the make more babies list

Which reminds me that I need to transplant out baby elderberry trimmings that are starting to root out..

Everything this year is running on a “JUST GET IT DONE”  we are still planting very well started plants that I got going on time, that are growing well in the greenhouse but need to find spots in the gardens..

I have to admit that I am shocked at how much time things for the reno’s take.. I mean we are getting all the basic chores done but with the extra work and reno’s and so forth done.  But it means that we had to give somewhere and its the extra garden work that is going to feel it..

I have never been so grateful as right now, that I have built layer after layer of food producing in the farm..  As long as we keep harvesting as things come ready and plant the must haves in the end, I am very comfortable that we will have full pantry, cellar and freezers at the end of the year..

I am also sure that we will feel like we have spent the whole year flying by the seat of our pants.. I am hating losing my main garden this year to the reno’s and I am not even sure that I am going to get it back for next years gardening..   We will see..


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