Turkey Vulture or not

What lured me out of the house was the amazing huge turkey Vulture that was sitting on a post checking out my yard to see what it might like to hunt at some point..  I got nothing but a blur..

So I decided to bring in the smallest farm purrpot and call the bigger ones in.. most came, my biggest two hunting male’s did not..


Sophie was in a playful mood, so I tried to get a nice photo of her.. lol.. nope..

I got the I am playing and having so much fun on this wood root pile but I look cranky Photo..


I got, I would look amazing sitting on a tree mushroom with the bark but let me grab this tree whip and chew it lol


or how about I photo bomb the photo but make sure that the background looks poorly.. fa-la-la.. Still they do show her great eye color, amazing coat and that the snow is melting!

The past 24 hours of rain has really made a difference to the melt out and while others in the province got snow, we did not.


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