The Sun came out!

For days we had rain, grey sky’s and the temps just dropped down and down.. until frost warnings each night and snow.. SNOW for two days.. we had hail, sleet and rain so thick you could not see and hard biting snow..  Mud so deep that I got stuck and had to have hubby help me out of them..


Mud so deep that it appears to have sucked off Caleb’s front shoes..  and during that time three yearling sheep were removed from the flock for freezer camp and as hound bones to chew, the oldest lambs were weaned from their mothers and life moved on as it tends to do..


Then yesterday the sun came out.. it came out for a meer ten minutes or so.. but it was worthy of a photo of it shining on my face.. I took my hair down from its pony and smiled into that warmth, that light and thought.. o yes, I remember you..  I also got reminded that my eyebrow’s like big brothers have gone pure white with age and that if you want to see them in a photo, I need to give them a light brushing of a brown eye shadow lol

This morning however, the sun poured into the bedroom window well before 6 am, and it called me.. o yes it did, I was up just minutes after hubby left for work and I have been puttering in and out of the house, the greenhouse, the barns since.

The farrier is coming for a emerg visit to deal with the missing shoes, Caleb has been given his pain med to help make this go as smooth as possible, and I have a nice dry spot on the driveway for the Richard to work on (about the only truly dry spot on the farm.

I am loving having a vehicle on the farm during the day, in truth, I have only driven 5 min down the road to see Miss T and once to go out with Mel and once to drive to see Miss D.. but I am surely not just running around even though I could be..

I am at heart a homebody..

Today that homebody is being trailed by hounds, purrpots and nosy horse’s, I am blinking at the bright green on the ground and watching with wonder as the tree’s are blooming to life around me..

Even the breeze is warm today.. but in truth so far wind is quiet today.. a whisper he is.. unlike the roaring he has been doing lately.. maybe he is having a rest as well.

Here at least the waters are flowing back and the land is soaking it in..  Today at is a indeed a new day!


Turkey Vulture or not

What lured me out of the house was the amazing huge turkey Vulture that was sitting on a post checking out my yard to see what it might like to hunt at some point..  I got nothing but a blur..

So I decided to bring in the smallest farm purrpot and call the bigger ones in.. most came, my biggest two hunting male’s did not..


Sophie was in a playful mood, so I tried to get a nice photo of her.. lol.. nope..

I got the I am playing and having so much fun on this wood root pile but I look cranky Photo..


I got, I would look amazing sitting on a tree mushroom with the bark but let me grab this tree whip and chew it lol


or how about I photo bomb the photo but make sure that the background looks poorly.. fa-la-la.. Still they do show her great eye color, amazing coat and that the snow is melting!

The past 24 hours of rain has really made a difference to the melt out and while others in the province got snow, we did not.