Buck up..

and see the writing on the wall..

Well, part of the testing I needed to have done when they ran me though a battery of testing for my last-ditch effort to figure out if I could or could not try for one more little one..  (that is another story for another day)

But I had to go for a ton of blood work in order to do a test for if I would need treatments in my second and third to help keep the babies to stay longer..  the blood work came back.. funky..  We have the leading team in this area in Ottawa, their work is considered top of the line world-wide and they have had me back now five times because I am ringing their bell curve

No is a no, and a yes means a follow-up to confirm..

I have now had a yes, no, yes, no and yes.. they don’t know what to do with me.. now they are talking that is my hormones influencing it, is it running on a cycle and so forth. Two years they have been tracking while shaking their heads.. they know its going to be an issue but they are unsure how to treat me for it.

At the same time as this “huh” on the blood work, I had a full run up on my lungs and they came back great.. my results say.. no asthma..

But I have started the throat clearing this past year..  I know that sound, I was raised with it from my grandmother and watched my mom start it.. and now at 43-44 I am catching myself starting..

Even more telling to me.. if I following a treatment course at home on things that help my mom, my symptoms clear, now right now, they clear fairly easily..

But when a steamer, EI’s and food changes can clear them.. its time to heave a sigh, curse a blue streak, maybe shed a tear and then buck up..

I am already a proven carrier, and I expect it will be more tests and years of this and that before I am given a proper account of being triggered and or like my mom, flaring of Alpha 1 antitrypsin Deficiency but I am not waiting for that..

I am close to the same age as my mom when she started, I had the same really REALLY bad pneumonia trigger, and while I did all the follow-up testing.. and other than the blood test, everything else came back perfect.. which is great..

but I think I might want to listen to my head on this one, it says, you have far more knowledge of the starting signs than anyone else did, we have FAR more knowledge of what to eat, what not to eat, we understand far more about the health issues and how they can be worked with, and it makes a lot more sense to start now and hold it off as long as possible

Maybe if I make those changes now, I can hold it off to just small signs for the rest of my life.. that would be the ideal goal for sure..

and continue to work with my team of doctors as they follow-up on my unusual blood results on this one area..

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