Working with a new dog in the house and the pack is always a interesting thing, bringing in a new adult is a far bigger challenge then bringing in a pup..

Bringing in a trained dog for what they are used to can be even more of a challenge within its own right as you are not only teaching new rules and regs but you are having to deal with old habits as well.


Halo is ten this year, and she is a very sweet dog, she is soft in many ways, very soft with people, both soft and not going to take any guff with the other hounds, not sure she wants to let a up and coming pup-teen be the boss (to bad, so sad, DezBot is the head of the pack) and very sweet and tough on the purrpots, when it comes to one on one gentle, so very gentle, when it comes to breaking up them up or giving them the dogs rule, she is a bit barky, pushy. We are working on it.

In the house, she is learning the rules very well, out of the house.. she is totally split.. on one hand, she understands and can do a recall with a focus I love and on the other hand, she can put her nose down, put her tail up and tell you to talk to the butt as she is gone!!

She hears you, she knows what you want and she just goes walk about.. and you need to get within a few feet of her to get her to come back and check in, and get a collar or leash on her and or carry her back like a bad baby on your hip. Sheesh.. Good thing she is only 16 pounds.

She was very used to running, running and then play time was over and now she can’t handle the freedom of just hanging out while we do chores.. so we had to move over to the collar and leash training..

Can I please have a Whine Moment here..  I hate when I need to leash or long leash work with the hounds, I totally understand why its needed, I do the training and I work hard and fast to get them to the point that as soon as I can, they are back to off-leash outdoor time with us.. I know they love that they get to be farm hounds, I love that they do their thing, check in with me and that I am not getting tangled with a lead going around me while doing chores..  I am sure she will be equally happy when I am not pulling her when I am forking hay..  now she could have come closer and we would have had more lead but no.. she wanted to be out exploring and as I could not belt loop it, every time my hands and arms went up.. the lead pulled tight and then moved her..

Needless to say, I am working very hard on getting her to the point that she does not need to be in outdoor dog pen or on the leash or directly being watched while out in the yard, I want to give her that freedom as soon as she can handle it..

But so far.. Not a snowballs chance in hell..


I am giving thought to taking her to a dog training class just one of the basic six to eight week ones locally, I think it would do her focus a world of good.. but first I will stay with pack training, one on one training in the house when the others go out, and one on one training when the other stay in.. and we are going to do some long lead field and hiking training. I have started her with clicker, and will soon move that to a bell recall for longer distances.

I like raising my hounds from puppies up to adults, it just works for me.. but I am finding my new much smaller pack to be both wonderful and a challenge all in one.. different but wonderful..



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