Bucket List Birthday Day

So my birthday was awesome, fab day on the farm, hubby picked up dinner an dessert and dear friends that are like family has us over.. now when it comes to drinking, I am light weight, two an I am giggly an I rarely go more.. but I was teased and asked into shots, and then someone who will not be named gave me a shot glass that was a double..

Needless to say, four doubles in a very short time, throw in the  hot tub and we can cross of the maybe once a year.. “hello” I am beyond just happy and crossing the line into, I love you, hugs and you are the best..

O ya, I crossed into the tell the story telling stage even if a few times the words came out wrong lol..

Crossed off the 2017 bucket list… Get Silly Drunk! Yup.. done an done!


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