44.. wait.. what.. I turned 33 right.. ah.. right?!

What the heck happened? How am I this old LOL

My mother says I am having a itty bitty mid-life ekkk moment..

and that I need to work it though..

I say.. I need to add a ton of more fun to world.. (which is not as easy as it sounds because I already do lots)

So Seems to me what I need is a kick-ass bucket list… and that is what this blog will be about.. its going to get personal at times, its going to get messy, its going to go all over the place.. and its going to have tons of photos!

Join me here if you want.. or not.. its all good..  but if you do stick around.. welcome!

So this is me.. Hubby and I had hiked into a local silver mine this spring..


And this is my best friend, my go to guy and my husband..


Don’t let his grrr face fool ya, behind that normal look on his face is a gent with a sharp sense of humor.. but truly he is a getter done, take no shit kinda guy with a heart of gold!


So yup, that’s the main players, the cast I will introduce soon..


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