The Dezbot Training


Spring has come and the Dezbot has had another birthday and she is now at the age that she can start her work training.. there are spring lambs that need grazing and they also need to be rounded up and put back into their stall in the barn.

While I will admit that I can and will train them to the rattle of a grain bucket, I also want to be able to push them around and hold them where I want them to graze, I want to be able to have them rounded up and pushed though different pastures to get to where they need to be for the days graze and let me tell you trying to get them to move around a acre or more to cross it and go into the next pasture when there is lots of fresh green stuff to gobble down as fast as they can, means they won’t be bribed with the rattle

But a fast moving, barking red and white hound can get them bunched and moving to where I want them to go and back out and to the big barn in a sweet way..

Once I can get control of her.. At the moment, she is far more busy doing her “own” thing while keep a eye on me, then getting busy and settling down and working with me.

She is more then willing to work, she just wants to do it on her own terms and that is so NOT allowed. She is currently pouting as she is wearing a brand new collar and she is most put out that all times outside other then it the dog yard has been on leash and or with the leash dragging as she did recalls and sit-stays between Dear Hubby and Myself.

I will spend time working on her recall’s and her sit-stays and her downs and then we will move to long lead downing-stay- recall and at the same time, we will work with dad and a few well trained older ewes and mom and commands.

I have often thought that just once I would like to work with a dog with eye, but once again I am working with a upright loose eyed dog..  she will get the job done just fine.. its just takes a different training curve is all.

I will add in a morning and afternoon quick training session for the rest of the week and then I will crack out a small area and some yearlings and see where she is at and work out a training plan from there..


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