Bus Fire

There is nothing quite like waking up to a note from your husband that says, tire blew on my bus and started wheel fire..

Now, my sleepy head went.. our vehicle and then registered Bus.. ok then..

See this seemed small.. had to get off bus.. wait for new bus..

Then this came in..



That would be the very poor photos taken by my hubby from a safe distance as his double decker bus, went very quickly from a wheel issue to a fully burning bus!


Now, you can imagine when this better photo came on the news (Credit CBC Ottawa) that as the wife of the man who along with all the people on his bus route that got off safely! might have had a moment of .. O MY! That is scary!

I think the thing gets me really, is that it happened so fast.. I mean they went from tire blown to fire to everybody off (thank goodnesss that it happened early in the bus pickups, because if it had been a full bus,  instead of a half empty bus, it might not have been so easy to get everyone off in time) to bus on fire!

Yup.. I am just a little wigged.. and I am ok with that.. and now on with our day.. hopefully, knock on wood, it will be more normal for the rest of it..


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