My hubby..

I  have been with Dear Hubby coming on 18 years now.. 17 in legal marriage but for me, I will count the year before as well.  That means that I have been in a relationship for more years then I was single

When I was single, I was very determined that I would not settle.. O don’t get me wrong, I kiss a few princes (that were not meant for me, but they were great guys, and they have made their wifes very happy women) a few frogs.. (they might or might not have grown up, I don’t know, I moved on) and a few “what was I thinking”  all I can say about that, is they all gave lessons and I learned them the first time LOL

I remember thinking, I want a partner and I want to always remember that I can do it myself if I need too.. I was right of course, I prefer to be with a mate, and I very much remember that I am me, that I can do it all, and that while I love having someone who has my back (as I have his) I am still lead in my life.

Someone said something a few months back to me.. something along the lines of, don’t you need to talk to DH and get permission..  my girlfriend who was with me laughed.. and winked at me..   I said.. NO, I can and will make that choice on my own thanks..

Now you see what I didn’t feel the need to say is that life and time and many talk had already sorted that kind of thing out.. what I do or don’t need to talk to my man about..

I started this post on the farm blog and it just went so its been moved over to the bucket list..

This morning is the women’s march on the hill in Ottawa, I have friend’s locally that will be loading on bus’s and will be heading down to join in and make sure our voices are heard..

A) you could not more get me to that kind of crowd these days then fly to the moon..

But I do support them, I made the calls, I wrote the letters and I will do my follow up.. I always surprise people that I am as active as I am.. they think because I am a stay at home, because I am on the farm that I am somehow.. less then someone who brings in a full-time job or full time pay check..

I get the “so how many children do you have if you stay home” and I get the look of.. what when I say, the PC. we don’t have childen, or the non PC, lets make everyone feel uncomfortable.. we had a lovely son and daughter, Maeve and Nat and they died as babies..

The best one is the when they look at my man and say something along the lines of “you should make her go to work man”

Shakes head..  So this morning I woke up with a cold, not the start of a cold.. nope this sucka is now a full blown cold, I went to bed with peppermint on my feet in socks, ei’s in the steamer, and hankies and cough candies by the bed, it was a poor sleep and then some..  I was awake when my man got up, he is just on the tale end of his cold..

and in my head I thought.  I need to get up, I need to do chores, I need to put out hay and check critters and I should get something to eat and drink.. as I went to bed early..

and then my hubby said.. what do you want to drink or eat this morning, I will catch the second bus, I am heading out to do your chores so you can rest this morning..  I got hot high bush cranberry tea, toast with butter and my orange marmalade, a few fresh oranges put by the bed, dogs and kitties feed, watered, run and the outside morning chores all done..

I am truly blessed..  Blessed to be a stubborn woman, I could do it, I could have gotten up and made it happen, but instead I have made my marriage work.. and if anyone thinks its luck or just meant to be.. ha.. being best friends is work, being lovers is work, being married is work, its worth it, its SO! worth it.. but its work.. you need to be there, you need to put in the hours, you need to find a balance between giving and receiving and so much more..

So I will not say, I am lucky, I will not say, I deserve it, I will not say I have earned it..

I will instead say.. I am blessed.. Blessed that I have a man that likes me, respects me and who is ok when I am strong, when I am in leadership mode, when I do my own thing, when I have my own friendships.. and who in the end knows that love him all the more for it..

Thanks babe for having my back.. thanks for letting me sleep in, thanks for doing chores and for being there for me.. Grateful! for the miles behind us.. they are our foundation and looking forward to the miles in front of us hon..



Bus Fire

There is nothing quite like waking up to a note from your husband that says, tire blew on my bus and started wheel fire..

Now, my sleepy head went.. our vehicle and then registered Bus.. ok then..

See this seemed small.. had to get off bus.. wait for new bus..

Then this came in..



That would be the very poor photos taken by my hubby from a safe distance as his double decker bus, went very quickly from a wheel issue to a fully burning bus!

Now, you can imagine when this better photo came on the news (Credit CBC Ottawa) that as the wife of the man who along with all the people on his bus route that got off safely! might have had a moment of .. O MY! That is scary!

I think the thing gets me really, is that it happened so fast.. I mean they went from tire blown to fire to everybody off (thank goodnesss that it happened early in the bus pickups, because if it had been a full bus,  instead of a half empty bus, it might not have been so easy to get everyone off in time) to bus on fire!

Yup.. I am just a little wigged.. and I am ok with that.. and now on with our day.. hopefully, knock on wood, it will be more normal for the rest of it..

Meet Mr. Bojangles.


He is a 9 year old broke to ride perch draft cross gelding that has joined our farm.

dscn0723He did very well considering my big draft tack does not fit him well at all, I will need to buy all new tack in warmblood size for bridle and such and a different saddle for his shorter back and maybe a different saddle blanket, my big long draft saddles are to long.. but next time we can try for a short training ride with it up higher in placement, or I will see if I can borrow a 16 regular horse saddle till I get my own in place.


None the less, our first ride went well, he rode out alone, I ponied for a bit and then Jason rode him freely. It was not a long ride but we rode on and off property. a bit more training and tack fitting and I look forward to our first two horse ride off farm with Caleb

Snow Arrived.. Family Time..

Today is the kind of day that has just been to steady in many ways to get off the farm and take a hike, chores and house and more.. but the joy of the farm is you can take a walk without needing to go off the farm..

If we had kiddo’s, it would be a snow day and I am sure that there would be snowmen and sledding going on! and Snow angels and such..


Halo is still very much a on-leash girl when it comes to any! kind of off farm trips.. she is barely a off-leash girl in the front yard but the joy of the small pasture is that its sheep fenced and she can run freely and just be one of the pack..


What I didn’t count on what half the pack, the bot and Marie would not be willing to walk with me or hang with J, instead they ran back and forth, back and forth, till finally hubby caved and came for the walk with us.. but he was not the only one..


Caleb came on the trot from the big pasture and heeled at my shoulder for the whole walk at liberty.. silly awesome boy.. he was so happy to have the company, and so kind to the hounds running around and being just silly around him.. he was so careful!


It was truly awesome, Husband, Horse and Hounds, I am so very blessed instead!

Fall Butcher Days

So today I finished butchering out the last six huge big bucks in the growout pen, and with that, I am down to my winter carry numbers, 3 does and 1 buck.

I bred the does last week and so it means fresh white meat for mid-winter, which will be most welcome..

I am good at this.. I have a routine, I know what to do, I know how to do it, I follow the rules and the meat is out of this world good, and I am grateful to know where it came from, what it eat and so forth.

An as I am on the bucket list blog, I get to say, I hate it these days just a bit.. Ok, maybe hate is the wrong word.. I feel a disconnect on days like today.. I have waited though a expecting mom, I have been so happy to see live wee ones, I have cleaned pens and put out feed and checked toes and ears, I have handled them, I picked fresh treats and I have a relationship with these rabbits, they came right up and stood on their back legs and said, hi.. what do you have for me..

Now the pretty homesteaders blogs will tell you the good old saying.. one bad day in a great life.. bleep that.. more like two bad minutes max in a great life and trust me, compared to most livestock in a commercial setting, its as good as it gets..

Am I proud of the meat, will I eat it, you bet, but am I honestly happy on a day like today.. no.. I am sad and a little heart hurt.. and I think that its just about right.. I hope I never have a butcher day where its just another day but I will admit that there are times I wish it was easier to do..

I never shy from the work but I often wish that it was perhaps shared more evenly with my hubby, but that’s not meant to be.. he will help in everything but this..

So be it..

Stepping up on my Photography

I think most folks know that I love taking photos! and I have done photos for websites, for blogs, for calendars and I have even had a photo that was published as a card for stores and online.  I have self-taught the computer programs and I have helped correct tiny flaws in photos over the years. I have gone with friends and done a photo shoot for them and I love it..   I like my eye and I like what I can do.. I just think I can push myself in this regard..


But I have found my new camera really gave me a step down and my new computer program just didn’t cut the mustard either, it did find for the basics and that was all.. I have allowed myself to fall behind in terms of keeping up with the new programs..

I was able to get a high quality Nikon in a Wicked Black Friday Sale and I will be investing in a newer photo program..  and I might even crack out one or two of my photography books and push myself more to do some out of my comfort zone taking again..

Above is the finished photo and I love it.. I like that I was able to pull out the colors, pull the wind in his hair, make it very art like.. I tried to remove the halter and lead but that is beyond my current photo programs ability and make it look natural..

Below is the original photo.. I love being able to look at it and see the above and make it happen.. there is a magic to it..



Working Hard..

Well, I have been working hard at trying to cut back on the amounts I am eating, making better choices and getting more workouts in and its doing the trick.. I got the on scale today and was just down just over 20 pounds this fall.. most excellent.. very happy with the results.. now to keep going that way over the holiday’s.


I am loving what my new face cleaner and creams that comes from Adagio Naturals, a local company with all organic and handmade in small batches.

These are made by a friend of mine and while my own homemade things are good these are amazing..  It was a amazingly thoughtful b-day gift, its on this blog not the farm blog as I do not want anything to think I am pushing a product etc..

But honestly.. if you are looking for these types of gifts, her products rock and they are flying off the shelves in the few places she has them in Ottawa!


I am wild about the milk face cleaner.. I really think its helping with the lines under my eyes.

Anyway.. I know that Dec can be a hard month in this regards.. so I will need to buckle down and really keep at it.. one step at a time.

Snow Dogs!

Just way to many awesome shots of happy hounds playing in the snow..  and how does it tie in for the bucket list..  hounds, farm, joy of life and my love of photo’s and my desire to get better at it..  sure lets go with that.. now on to puppies!


Dez Bot


Z-man, aka Zander


Halo, (who does not have one trust me LOL)


Beautiful Marie..


Catch me if you can..


Throw down.. I gotcha!


Those two love to play!


Sometimes it looks fierce but its all in good fun..


But when they were ready to come in.. snuggle bunnies..


I am loving have a four hound pack again, a balance between young and older, male and female..





Buck up..

and see the writing on the wall..

Well, part of the testing I needed to have done when they ran me though a battery of testing for my last-ditch effort to figure out if I could or could not try for one more little one..  (that is another story for another day)

But I had to go for a ton of blood work in order to do a test for if I would need treatments in my second and third to help keep the babies to stay longer..  the blood work came back.. funky..  We have the leading team in this area in Ottawa, their work is considered top of the line world-wide and they have had me back now five times because I am ringing their bell curve

No is a no, and a yes means a follow-up to confirm..

I have now had a yes, no, yes, no and yes.. they don’t know what to do with me.. now they are talking that is my hormones influencing it, is it running on a cycle and so forth. Two years they have been tracking while shaking their heads.. they know its going to be an issue but they are unsure how to treat me for it.

At the same time as this “huh” on the blood work, I had a full run up on my lungs and they came back great.. my results say.. no asthma..

But I have started the throat clearing this past year..  I know that sound, I was raised with it from my grandmother and watched my mom start it.. and now at 43-44 I am catching myself starting..

Even more telling to me.. if I following a treatment course at home on things that help my mom, my symptoms clear, now right now, they clear fairly easily..

But when a steamer, EI’s and food changes can clear them.. its time to heave a sigh, curse a blue streak, maybe shed a tear and then buck up..

I am already a proven carrier, and I expect it will be more tests and years of this and that before I am given a proper account of being triggered and or like my mom, flaring of Alpha 1 antitrypsin Deficiency but I am not waiting for that..

I am close to the same age as my mom when she started, I had the same really REALLY bad pneumonia trigger, and while I did all the follow-up testing.. and other than the blood test, everything else came back perfect.. which is great..

but I think I might want to listen to my head on this one, it says, you have far more knowledge of the starting signs than anyone else did, we have FAR more knowledge of what to eat, what not to eat, we understand far more about the health issues and how they can be worked with, and it makes a lot more sense to start now and hold it off as long as possible

Maybe if I make those changes now, I can hold it off to just small signs for the rest of my life.. that would be the ideal goal for sure..

and continue to work with my team of doctors as they follow-up on my unusual blood results on this one area..


Working with a new dog in the house and the pack is always a interesting thing, bringing in a new adult is a far bigger challenge then bringing in a pup..

Bringing in a trained dog for what they are used to can be even more of a challenge within its own right as you are not only teaching new rules and regs but you are having to deal with old habits as well.


Halo is ten this year, and she is a very sweet dog, she is soft in many ways, very soft with people, both soft and not going to take any guff with the other hounds, not sure she wants to let a up and coming pup-teen be the boss (to bad, so sad, DezBot is the head of the pack) and very sweet and tough on the purrpots, when it comes to one on one gentle, so very gentle, when it comes to breaking up them up or giving them the dogs rule, she is a bit barky, pushy. We are working on it.

In the house, she is learning the rules very well, out of the house.. she is totally split.. on one hand, she understands and can do a recall with a focus I love and on the other hand, she can put her nose down, put her tail up and tell you to talk to the butt as she is gone!!

She hears you, she knows what you want and she just goes walk about.. and you need to get within a few feet of her to get her to come back and check in, and get a collar or leash on her and or carry her back like a bad baby on your hip. Sheesh.. Good thing she is only 16 pounds.

She was very used to running, running and then play time was over and now she can’t handle the freedom of just hanging out while we do chores.. so we had to move over to the collar and leash training..

Can I please have a Whine Moment here..  I hate when I need to leash or long leash work with the hounds, I totally understand why its needed, I do the training and I work hard and fast to get them to the point that as soon as I can, they are back to off-leash outdoor time with us.. I know they love that they get to be farm hounds, I love that they do their thing, check in with me and that I am not getting tangled with a lead going around me while doing chores..  I am sure she will be equally happy when I am not pulling her when I am forking hay..  now she could have come closer and we would have had more lead but no.. she wanted to be out exploring and as I could not belt loop it, every time my hands and arms went up.. the lead pulled tight and then moved her..

Needless to say, I am working very hard on getting her to the point that she does not need to be in outdoor dog pen or on the leash or directly being watched while out in the yard, I want to give her that freedom as soon as she can handle it..

But so far.. Not a snowballs chance in hell..


I am giving thought to taking her to a dog training class just one of the basic six to eight week ones locally, I think it would do her focus a world of good.. but first I will stay with pack training, one on one training in the house when the others go out, and one on one training when the other stay in.. and we are going to do some long lead field and hiking training. I have started her with clicker, and will soon move that to a bell recall for longer distances.

I like raising my hounds from puppies up to adults, it just works for me.. but I am finding my new much smaller pack to be both wonderful and a challenge all in one.. different but wonderful..