Fall Butcher Days

So today I finished butchering out the last six huge big bucks in the growout pen, and with that, I am down to my winter carry numbers, 3 does and 1 buck.

I bred the does last week and so it means fresh white meat for mid-winter, which will be most welcome..

I am good at this.. I have a routine, I know what to do, I know how to do it, I follow the rules and the meat is out of this world good, and I am grateful to know where it came from, what it eat and so forth.

An as I am on the bucket list blog, I get to say, I hate it these days just a bit.. Ok, maybe hate is the wrong word.. I feel a disconnect on days like today.. I have waited though a expecting mom, I have been so happy to see live wee ones, I have cleaned pens and put out feed and checked toes and ears, I have handled them, I picked fresh treats and I have a relationship with these rabbits, they came right up and stood on their back legs and said, hi.. what do you have for me..

Now the pretty homesteaders blogs will tell you the good old saying.. one bad day in a great life.. bleep that.. more like two bad minutes max in a great life and trust me, compared to most livestock in a commercial setting, its as good as it gets..

Am I proud of the meat, will I eat it, you bet, but am I honestly happy on a day like today.. no.. I am sad and a little heart hurt.. and I think that its just about right.. I hope I never have a butcher day where its just another day but I will admit that there are times I wish it was easier to do..

I never shy from the work but I often wish that it was perhaps shared more evenly with my hubby, but that’s not meant to be.. he will help in everything but this..

So be it..

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