Stepping up on my Photography

I think most folks know that I love taking photos! and I have done photos for websites, for blogs, for calendars and I have even had a photo that was published as a card for stores and online.  I have self-taught the computer programs and I have helped correct tiny flaws in photos over the years. I have gone with friends and done a photo shoot for them and I love it..   I like my eye and I like what I can do.. I just think I can push myself in this regard..


But I have found my new camera really gave me a step down and my new computer program just didn’t cut the mustard either, it did find for the basics and that was all.. I have allowed myself to fall behind in terms of keeping up with the new programs..

I was able to get a high quality Nikon in a Wicked Black Friday Sale and I will be investing in a newer photo program..  and I might even crack out one or two of my photography books and push myself more to do some out of my comfort zone taking again..

Above is the finished photo and I love it.. I like that I was able to pull out the colors, pull the wind in his hair, make it very art like.. I tried to remove the halter and lead but that is beyond my current photo programs ability and make it look natural..

Below is the original photo.. I love being able to look at it and see the above and make it happen.. there is a magic to it..



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