Working Hard..

Well, I have been working hard at trying to cut back on the amounts I am eating, making better choices and getting more workouts in and its doing the trick.. I got the on scale today and was just down just over 20 pounds this fall.. most excellent.. very happy with the results.. now to keep going that way over the holiday’s.


I am loving what my new face cleaner and creams that comes from Adagio Naturals, a local company with all organic and handmade in small batches.

These are made by a friend of mine and while my own homemade things are good these are amazing..  It was a amazingly thoughtful b-day gift, its on this blog not the farm blog as I do not want anything to think I am pushing a product etc..

But honestly.. if you are looking for these types of gifts, her products rock and they are flying off the shelves in the few places she has them in Ottawa!


I am wild about the milk face cleaner.. I really think its helping with the lines under my eyes.

Anyway.. I know that Dec can be a hard month in this regards.. so I will need to buckle down and really keep at it.. one step at a time.

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