Letting go..

I truly am grateful for the extra few weeks with brandy, for the extra cuddles, for the extra just being there and for extra natural light photos of her and I can tell already that I am going to be glad that we did a special photo shoot with her an I.


I have been crying around her off an on for a good while, and then it was time to let go.. it was hard on both myself and J.. but the vet did a amazing job.. and I let caleb have time to understand what had happened.


or so I thought, but he had a fit an then some when she was picked up, he did not understand, he called, he took comfort from both myself an hubby, he gave comfort but he also wanted us to help him, he screamed, called, paced, bucked and ran back an forth, and he ran from the front to the side back to catch one last look at the truck..

as strange as it sounds, caleb is the one that broke my heart today, brandy went over and she will have no more pain, I can understand this and deal.. but Caleb, he was as honest as the day long and he does not understand. I offered him tears, hugs an hay..

Now we start the healing..

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