Round Robin..

Have You ever played Round Robin..

You know the say a sentence at the front of the line, and that person tells the next one and then the next one an then the next one.. and at the end they say.. Bla. Bla, Bla and you all laugh because how.. how did it all get so fuddled.

Its a fun party game, and its great for kids because it teaches a great lesson that you need to be careful how you say things and how you hear things.

But in real life.. Round robin sucks the hind teat (another old farmers saying and one that unless you have raised a litter or hundred, is hard to understand, but a big old momma will get more milk in her hind teats and so everything there is bigger, the teat, the nipple and the milk flow is very strong) it means that you grasp for air and you always want your strongest to take the pressure off the hind teat and then ideally, you want to move your big strongest to the front to drink and put your weakest on that one to finish out..

but what I mean by it in connect to round robin is not only can the smallest way things are said or heard cause issues but like that hind teat.. if you grab it wrong, you could have all kinds of problems.

Information like milk can flow to hard, to fast and if you are not careful choke you on it..


Dealing with medical staff from a distance can seem likes it all over the place, I know everyone is doing the best they can and I am grateful for all the hard work you do!

So please understand that I say this from the other side.. you never know what you are going to get on the phone.. it works better in many ways if could do it in person, you lose the eye contact, the reading of body lang, any kind of connection..

You can get the chatty one, the accent that has you grasping trying to learn it quick because there is no time to ask for that answer again more then once, you can get the rapid fire answer one that wants off the phone, you can get the amazing one that has the touch and leaves you understanding and so grateful and you can get the one that goes.. what do you want?

Really? what I want is a once a day update for about 2 to 3 min of what has happened and if there is anything I need to know.. I get it.. I do.. we are so far away.. what the hell difference does it make on how you treat us.. and all I can say to that.. it does matter and Karma darling.. Karma..

Here is hoping that the next shift will give me a chatty, a sweet one, a knowledgeable one or the amazing one.. I am due!



2 thoughts on “Round Robin..

  1. I am a “retired” RN, not from ICU, but part of the profession none the less. It bothers me that, in moving to a more technical role, so much has been lost from nursing, for so many of its current practitioners. Nursing is not just a set of technical skills, it’s a human enterprise in care and connection.
    I too, hope that you get the chatty one on your next call. 🙂


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