Worrying an waiting

Man, It sucks to be half a country away at times, its hard to be waiting for that phone call, waiting, waiting is makes everyone cranky

We are hardwired to act, good or bad.. we act..

but when it comes to health and hospitals.. we wait, we are careful on wording, we worry in little ways, we feel the weight of things in a emotional way..

Yesterday was brutal wait day.. today will be better because we have more info and we have a better idea of a timeline

the best thing yesterday was that I turned my worry into hard labour, and we got small square straw delivered, unloaded and put away, feed for the next two months an put away, hay delivered and worked hard at cleaning a big summer pen out, and hauled it all for either compost piles or for garden use.

Hubby joined in the work when possible when not working but he relaxed by working in his garden and picked me gallons of high bush cranberries to process today..

I will do the same today, canning, house work, and a good hard workout to tire my body out! and settle my mind..


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