You know that crazy cat lady..

Ya, that was me LOL..  I mean folks think I have a lot of cats now.. but its just not true.. I currently have 14 cats on the farm.. and I am always surprised when folks go.. you have how many.. Its trained me over the years to say things like.. ya, I know, I have a lot of cats, or my favorite.. the purrpot pride..   It does seem like that many until they are all filling up a table sleeping on it or getting excited about a food treat.. Most of the year, you never know how many will be in the house or out of the house at any one time.

As you can see they don’t get along at all.. the big black stray (that is now a fixed fully up to date purring boy that is the best with visiting kiddo’s) the new kittens of the purrpride of 2016, the old kitties, including the fragile old one 15 plus.. I lost my oldest kitty’s this year, with oldest being 19 approx. (she was a rescue so give or take a yearish)


And not all of them are even my farm cats.. some of those are come and go outdoor true farm cats that make the rounds from farm to farm..


Faith above has the looks, but not the temperament, she would hate the traveling, she likes to cuddle but is a four on the floor girl, the movement and picking up with put her in a non-cuddle mood..   Thankfully here at home, she is allow to just be her pretty self with all her purr-quirks..

Back in the day, I even showed cats both in Canada, and the States, While most of my winning cats have since passed away with age.. I still have a few Champions and even my amazing Grand Champion alter boy with me at the age of 12 this year..


But in no way was a kitty snob.. my most winning kitty was a rescue kitty. The amazing Munchkin.. she loved to show.. she adored the new people, the judges and the toys and games.. she was a purr machine! I have a few kitties in the house right now that I often think, if I wanted to show household, they would totally rock it!


This is one of them, he is stunning, laid back and floppy to within a inch of his life.. he is huge, and sweet as they come.. he would be a great household show kitty!


Then there is blue.. he would rock the show ring but in a totally different way then Patrick, he would be the crazy cat spinning in circles that would have the crowds laughing out loud and that the judges would need the toy to keep his chompers busy while they petted him! LOL but he has the stuff! and he knows it!


Then there is my last purrpride member of 2016 Marble.. she is very much a house kitty, she would rather use the litterbox then get her paws wet or dirty, she is friendly.. (just to us, otherwise is a little wee ghost cat when anyone else is around) but in truth she is a hound-cat.. She maybe the tiny wee girl but she takes no flake from the bigger boy kittens! Girl Power!


But they all get along.. my kitties are raised with the hounds, and the hounds are raised with the purr-gang..  I expect that soon enough over the next year to two, that we will be down to 12 cats on the farm..  I am ok with that..   it just means more time and love for those that are with us.. gives my older middle age kitties more time and lets my teen-kittens grow into themselves and thrive..

I  had a dream as a young girl that some day I would own and show a cat.. it was a great bucket list dream and it took me a number of years to learn to groom, to get the right kitty that loves doing it but I have the trunks full of ribbons to prove that I was successful at crossing it off my bucket list!


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