Really.. ok then.. Tweet passed on..

When it comes to blogging about things, you are often aware that “how you write something” tends to effect how people will read it..

Let me give you a example..

I am sorry to announce that my lovely little budgie Tweet has crossed over today..


Dang it.. what the heck happened, found Tweet in his cage and he was gone.. stood there and just stared.. and tears came to my eyes and I thought.. what happened, what did I do wrong.. did I do something wrong.. and then I say out loud, water, food, wait, I got a new food a few weeks ago.. could the new winter blend with the extra vit an minerals have something wrong with it, I put the vit drops in the water weekly, yup, they have their grit, and their beak thing..  well, why the heck did he die then..  O no, if I can not figure it out, will I lose twitter too?

Pick up the bird, look bird, feel birds tummy, and body for lumps, maybe he had something I missed.. nope.. sigh deeply and then move the top of the cage off, clean out the paper and over spill, scrub the cage to within a inch of its life, dry it out.. fill everything up and tell the remaining budgie to live!

Now both of the above are true and both are real, the first is what I would put on the twitter account, it would be the announcement on facebook or the farm page.. but the second is just as real, just as true..  I did all the things I wrote and I did then because it was what I felt in the moment, not because days later I would write about it.. in fact, a couple days ago, I had not even really decided that this blog would be here.. or that I might be brave enough to share so freely..

I have no idea why tweet died.. I miss his voice in the house.. they were such chatter box’s back and forth and the best of friends, I know that Twitter will need time to adjust.. just as I will..

What I do know is that it feels safer to write the first one, then the second does.. and that is worth thinking about.. o yes it is..

Give your pets regardless of make or model a extra pet or cuddle or treat, cause you just never know what the day will bring!




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